GeekDump #9: 12 Mar, 2011

Has it been a whole week since the Geek last Dumped? See the goodies after the fold.

  • Egoraptor is a fairly well-known video contributor at Newgrounds (especially with his Awesome series), but he also has a YouTube channel. He's begun a new series called Sequelitis, where he "I passionately discuss[es] the relationships between video game sequels and their predecessors. I also crack a lot of jokes which may or may not be funny." His first video in the series examines the first two games in the Castlevania franchise.
  • Everybody likes cats. Collegehumor likes cats. My cat Munga sometimes gets catatonic like in the first vid, which I call "melting" where you can shift him around and he doesn't care because he's asleep, but don't you dare touch his face! He sometimes watches TV from the couch, but doesn't tolerate baths well, nor any type of hat.
  • This creative fella makes a handheld Nintendo 64 (which he dubs "N64Boy Advance ") out of a Game Boy carrying case and a mini LCD.
  • Walk-Smash-Walk is an oldie but goodie.
  • Descent: FreeSpace and its sequel FreeSpace 2 were truly excellent games that tended to be overlooked when they were released in 1998 and 99 (respectively, and you could expect a quality game in that short span too). Its cult following lingers even to this day, as the FreeSpace Wiki proves the richness of the abandoned franchise's universe. I still pull the game up and play it now and then, and wish Volition would get out from under THQ's thumb and make #3.
  • There are no girls on the internet!!!!

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