GeekDump #10: 18 Mar, 2011

Okay, I admit it: I've been slacking this week. Unexpectedly having duty and some busy days at work have sapped most of my energy, and I just haven't been coming across as much cool stuff to post this week. Check out a week's worth of Dumping after the fold.

  • Most everyone knows that Charlie Sheen's be acting a bit... odd... lately, to put it politely. Some of his off-the-wall ravings are quite entertaining, so our dear friends at College Humor have decided to compare them to the legendary lines of Ron Burgundy in the film Anchorman. See if you can guess who said what, then hover your mouse over the quote for the answer.
  • When I was a kid, I took my hobby of solving mazes somewhat seriously. I had a couple of those cheap puzzle books you can buy at the pharmacy or grocery store, and I filled them all out. In pen. I was a hardcore maze-solver, until I realized that there was math involved.
  • Similarly, there is a lot more math involved in rock-paper-scissors strategy than I thought for such a simple game. That robot you play against sure puts a lot of thought into picking one of the three choices.
  • Even if you don't have a Wii, Nintendo's advertising campaigns should have you familiar with the Mii avatar concept. I must admit that I take a bit of unmasculine pleasure at this kind of creation, whether it be on a Flash emulator, in Guitar Hero, or even the Sims, but I've never played with dolls (though I've had a fair share of action figures).
  • I try not to delve into the PC vs. Mac Holy Wars (be it hardware or OS), but I do have generally negative opinions of Apple and thier "trendy" products. As much as I loathe the consumer appetite for the next big iThing (even though its just the same as anything else with a nice coat of paint), I have to admit that it's a good business model. In fact, if a person had bought Apple stock instead of products at each new release, he or she would be a very wealthy person.
  • Do you need to know what the weather is in your area? Do you need help deciding what to eat for dinner?
  • The constant reader also knows that I don't put much stock in conspiracy theorists or oogie-boogie nonsense. That said, this Dorkly article on video game conspiracies is a good read, but it seems to overlook the biggest theory of all (which is, admittedly, more of a hoax to anyone with brians): reviving Aeris in FFVII.

Game on, fellow geeks!

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