GeekDump #7: 28 Feb, 2011

Today, I went with a pure WTF theme, images after the fold.

  • This video has some really horrible post-grunge pop rock music, so turn down your speakers. you won't really need them.
  • If Mario met Silent Hill... creepy.
  • QWOP: the world's strangest athletic game, featuring the control of individual thigh and calf muscles (via the titular keys). This video commentary describes it quite nicely, and spawned a meme.
  • I normally enjoy a dramatic reading (like the one from GD#6), but this is a travesty that would make Tolkien weep. It's dirty as hell, so be careful listening to it.
  • I'm very disappointed that my Wii experience was never like this.
  • Black man loves Pokemon Original version! That's the title he came up with. Why can't a black guy love Pokemon? A black man who likes Pokemon sent me this video a while back.
I would bid on it.
I wish I'd had this for my toilet special.

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