Today's post can be summed up quite simply: toilets.

Wikipedia has a very surprising depth of articles on toilets and bathrooms, and most of it is serious (not toilet humor). Simply look at Category:Toilets!

First, we will look at the devices themselves. In addition the the common flushers, there are dual flushers bidets, incinerators, chemicalcatholescomposters, tree bogspig consumers, hudohoney bucketspay toilets, train toilets, plane toilets, heads, high-tech toilets such as the sanisette, Washlet, and even space toilets! Urinals also see some variety, such as interactive (Interactive Urinal Communicator), public (without walls), female, and even art. Sanitation is important, so keep your brushes at hand, disinfect with rim blocks and urinal cakes, wipe off the toilet seat or use a cover, wash your hands and dry them, then tip the attendant. Toilet paper has its own following (especially in the United States), such as how hotels fold origami, the Madison Museum of Bathroom Tissue, and the Handle-o-Meter.
If you've ever owned a kitten, then you know this is no joke.

There are sometimes cultural considerations, such as gender-neutrality, names such as "loo", "water closet", "privy", "lavatory", and "latrine" (many of which often refer to the bathroom or restroom itself as well), Islamic toilet etiquette, Jewish asher yatzar prayers, handicap accessibility, the hilariously detailed article toilets in Japan, and (of paramount importance to roommates across the globe) orientation of toilet paper. The British Toilet Association gives out the Loo of the Year Award, outhouse tipping is a time-honored prank, the mile high club is a sexual trophy performed in an airplane lavatory, and sometimes people suffer toilet-related injuries and deaths (most notable, Elvis). Potty parity refers to gender equality of restrooms, The larges restroom in the world is the Chinese Porcelain Palace, mind your privileges, and WTO refers to World Toilet Organization in addition to the international trade confederacy. I mentioned the Bog Standard Gallery in a previous entry. Even poor Thomas Crapper is closely associated  to toilets. Contrary to common myth, he didn't invent the flusher (that would be Alexander Cummings), though he did improve it enough to become mainstream; while Joseph Gayetty made paper an American enterprise. And of course, there are articles for most of the popular brands and companies that make everything for your bathroom.
This Finnish restroom discourages intravenous drug use with blue light, which makes it hard to see veins.

Defecation postures are sometimes called into question, the west generally prefers to sit, while the east prefers the squat toilet. Turns out there is more to it than mere tradition, but medical pros and cons to each, such as syncope, and the measurement by defecating proctogram.
This sink-toilet is a replica of those found at the Guantánamo Bay detention center.

All that, and no poop jokes. I think I've finally grown up. Happy reading!

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