GeekDump #4: 23 Feb, 2011

  • If you liked Freddie Wong (mentioned in GD#2), then you'll probably enjoy Cardboard Warfare and Cardboard Warfare 1.5.
  • Have you seen the trailer for Dead Island? A Minecrafter made a spoof.
  • One of the oddities I picked up from Portal was a strange fascination with cake. Not cake in general, mind you, but I like seeing video game-themed cakes. Some fo them are so cool it makes me jealous that my beloved mother stuck to either plain white and chocolate mixes or bought them from the grocery store bakery. For example, this Angry Birds cake comes with a slingshot and little frosting birds to shoot. The fact that I'm not much a fan of the game (it's just a cartoony rip-off of good catapult games like Crush the Castle) doesn't make the cake less awesome.
  • While I'm not exactly a huge champion for indie games, I do have a sizable collection of links for flash games I can play at work (take that, stupid taxpayers!). One of my favorite sites is Armor Games, and especially the works of jmtb02 (This Is The Only Level, This Is The Only Level Too, Achievement Unlocked, Achievement Unlocked 2 all have an elephant as the main character). The latest, Elephant Quest is a type of RPG-shooter that is much larger and a lot of fun.
  • Wikipedia humor: WikiProject Antarctica Highways. If you didn't know, WikiProjects are collaborations of editors to improve articles within a certain scope, some more narrow than others.

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