GeekDump #8: 7 Mar, 2011

Some YouTube madness after the fold.

This fellow decided to install each version of Windows onto a computer in order. Surprisingly, there is much better compatibility than you'd expect over twenty years of OS development.

Charlie and the Apple Factory: Steve Jobs reveals that his products really aren't any better than anyone else's, but they dominate the gadget market just the same.

A very long video where Day[9] reminisces on how he grew up with Starcraft.

I'm not really up for tabletop or live-action role playing (at least, not since I was young enough to run around the woods with sticks playing make-believe), but this is funny. The DM should have summoned Martin Sheen to whip on his boy's ass and remind him that his real name is "Carlos Irwin Estevez".

This Minecrafter recreates the city of Enhasa from Chrono Trigger. The attention to detail here is amazing... I wonder if the secret door is activated by hidden redstone switches?

One of the best parts of the GTA series is using cheats to mess with game physics and watching shit go absolutely insane. Here, if you turn the friction to negative numbers and mess with gravity, you can set the footage to Yakety Sax and laugh your butt off.

The Chronicles of Rick Roll feature the best of the latest memes:
Thousand Pounds is an LA-based "action company", which essentially means they supply actors/martial artists/stunt men for fight scenes. They recently produced a series called "Ultra Combos" that take inspiration from Street Fighter games.

This last one isn't a video, but is kinda funny. If you visit gaming websites with great frequency, then you've probably seen one of the racy ads for Evony, which is a multiplayer online medieval strategy game. It's fairly notorious for the advertising, which features women that have gotten more and more scantily clad, which have absolutely nothing to do with the game itself; more than a few men have been disappointed about the lack of female eye-candy in the game itself. This Dorkly article explores what could have been... and I had to stop at the third panel to do the math.

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