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Yet another result of what I felt was me raving without anyone listening, I've decided that my blog would be a great place to linkdump some of the cool videos, images, and links that I thought were funny or cool. Most likely, it's going to be heavily weighted toward video games, since that makes up the majority of my dorkiness sphere, but certainly not exclusive. If you're not interested in this kind of subject matter, since I figure that somebody interested in Wikipedia is more likely to be an intellectual geek (math, science, etc.) rather than a more mainstream geek (vidjagames, anime, comics, etc.), simply avoid the posts labelled thusly and you will be fine.

  • 8-bit Final Fantasy VII: not sure if this is a mod or just a video, but it's really cool to see my favorite game of the series reinvented in a classic format. Too bad I can't read Japanese, but the music, map layout, characters/enemies, battle mechanics, and graphical themes closely match the PS game, though the sprite work seems reminiscent of FFIV.
  • Cakedogg vs. Presentcat: this is a serious WTF site.
  • This video showcases every weapon available in Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch. This mod (based on an extremely heavily modified DOOM II engine, I believe) has had me interested for a while, and when the demo released last year, I loved it. I've been a fan of the Mega Man franchise since getting my mitts on MM2 as a five-year old, and have mostly eschewed anything past the 16-bit games. A FPS version was an idea that I daydreamed about in high school.
  • Sporcle is a site that hosts various themed quizzes, where you must fill in as many answers to a given topic or question within the allotted time. The timer will count down, and some quizzes use images, video, or sound that you must identify. For example, on has you list all 50 states from memory, but there are categories for everything from gaming (linked to) to history to movies.
  • 9 Memorable Sexual Innuendos from Video Games. Title says it all.
That's all for today. Game on!

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