GeekDump #5: 25 Feb, 2011

Who likes Minecraft? Everyone!!! So today is a Minecraft video extravaganza.
A major WTF moment as a young kid mines diamons from some kind of hip-hop star.

This fella proposes to his wife via Minecraft. I've seen videos that do this in Earthbound and Chrono Trigger, but they were hacks.

A Predator in Minecraft. At least the Aliens didn't make an appearance.

A parody of Isaiah Mustafa's Old Spice commercials ("the man your man could smell like"). Apparently, NerfNow made a similar comic simultaneously.

The Escapist's Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw does a video review series called "Zero Punctuation". He's British, and not afraid to say the word "cock". Not even a little shameful.

This is a fan-made parody, not real South Park, but that doesn't detract from the coolness.

Danz Newz and Gassy Mexican discover a benign Creeper, and form an eternal bond before heartlessly murdering each other. I'm liking those skins, Number One.

Fun, folksy music video about... diamonds. Again. YAY!

Who is the moron who played Finding Nemo for the creepers?! I like that mini-map.

"So I've woke up with dookie in my face. It's one of those mornings you just know it's not gonna be a good day."
"I've slain the skeletons... I've built a kingdom... I think it's safe to say that I've won at the Minecraft LARP, and nothing can take me dowOH NO NO!! <guy in Creeper mask chases him down and kicks him a few times> I have an orthodonist appointment!"

And that, Virginia, is why you don't play with matches.

That's all for today's MINECRAFT VIDEO EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Game on!

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