First post: introductions

Welcome to my new blog! I'm normally not so good with social media, and anything like a blog or a diary that requires me to post consistently. I tend to lose interest when talking about myself, because I just don't think I'm all that interesting, and my previous blogs have all gradually melted away as I neglect them more and more. However, since this blog has a different subject, I should be able to be more verbose.

So what is thin blog all about? Well, I'm a pretty devoted Wikipedian. I write and read articles there for pleasure. In fact, tabbed browsing was the worst thing in the world for me to get, because I typically will click open new tabs for article after article, until it gets to the point that I have to start deciding which ones to read and which ones to close. It's quite a testament to geeky curiosity that a simple search for the name of that actor in some movie will wind up with me reading about a species of plant, a Space Shuttle mission, an obscure mathematics theory, and a synopsis of a long-forgotten battle. One of the best aspects about Wikipedia is that it's not paper, which frees it from size and topic constraints; there can be an article about just about anything that survives the "notability" and referencing vetting process. Hence, why it sometimes gets criticism for having detailed lists of every single Family Guy episode, but the biography of some African head of state is about three lines long. Systematic bias aside, there are entries in Wikipedia that would never occupy valuable page space in Brittanica.
That's the meat of this blog: to find the interesting and funny articles of Wikipedia. Most anything that strikes my fancy can become an entry, be it about a bacon dish, a wheel with feet, or an image that you just won't find anywhere else. While I will try to stick to that, I might sometimes post something that is interesting not because of its topic, but of how it relates to Wikipedia, such as an article that was created and maintained by bots (that is, without a single human editor) for years. Sometime, I might throw in some babble about myself, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum, since most of you couldn't care less what I ate for breakfast.

For full disclosure (a practice many Wikipedians hold dear), I am a United States Marine, and a strong area of interest for me is to write about militaria and military history. I still actively edit, and will refrain from posting about articles I contribute to (to avoid the appearance of advertising them). I edit under the name bahamut0013.
I will try to keep cursing and offensive language to a minimum, but some colorful words may slip through. I will not post images of nudity or gore, but may occasionally discuss adult topics or link to articles with explicit content (Wikipedia is not censored). I'm also not the best speller around, so if you spot a mistake, please give me a break (I do try to hit the spellcheck, but might forget).

Here's hoping this blog is successful... happy reading!

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